Gasland, Josh Fox, 2010
The Polar Explorer, Mark Terry, 2011
An Inconvinient Truth, Davis Guggenheim, 2006
Encounters at the end of the world, Werner Herzog, 2007

Category: Reality TV
Marissa Gerhart, Imani, Alicia
American Idol, Created by Simon Fuller, 6/11/2002, Fox Broadcasting
Survivor, Created by Charlie Parsons, 5/31/2000, CBS Network
America's Next Top Model, 5/20/2003, the CW Network

Science & Nature
Stephanie Leon, Josh, & Lexi
1.) Planet Earth TV-G 2006 David Attenbourough
2.) March of the Penquins G 2005 Luc Jacquet
3.) Chimpanzee G 2012 Ala stair Fothergill and Mark Linfield
4.) Cosmos G 1980 Carol Sagan

Disaster Documentaries
1) 9/11, PG, 2002, James Hanlon
2) Deep Water Disaster: The Untold Story, 2010, Tristan Quinn
3) Children of the Tsunami, 2012, Don Reed
4) Restrepo, 2010, Tim Hetherington

Political Documentaries
Steph Romig, Alicia Hershey, Nick Miller, Trevor Larsen
1) Loose Change: 9/11 American Coup, 2005-2009
2) Bowling for Columbine, R, 2002, Michael Moore
3) 2016: Obama's America, PG, 2012, Dinesh D'souze and John Sullivan
4) The Most Dangerous Man in America, PG, 2009, Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith